Q: Why is the top of my candle rough or pitted after I burn it?

A: This is caused when the hot wax in the melted pool cools and solidifies at an inconsistent rate. You haven't done anything incorrectly, this is a feature of pure soy wax.

This actually shows you that you have an all-natural pure soy wax candle !!


Q: Why wont my wood wick stay lit?

A: This may be because the wick is too short or the wick is drowning in a pool of wax. You need to carefully soak up the melted wax around the wick with a paper towel (do not do this with a lit wick). Then wait a minute or so, relight your candle and repeat this process till your wood wick has room to breath. Relight and enjoy!


Q: Why is there black stuff on my wick?

A: You may see that after each burn your wood wick gets soot build-up, this will need to be removed before relighting. (Only remove soot if the candle is cold). Do this by gently pinching the wick. The soot should naturally break away. Try to prevent dropping any pieces into the candle.


Q: How long do I have to wait for my order?

A: I aim to create every candle within 3 days of receive the order. After being made candles take 24hours to fully set, it will then be safely shipped with Australia Post. Due to Covid-19, you may experience some delays receiving your order.


Q. What should I do with my jar once my Luminary Candle is finished?

A: Don’t throw away your beautiful matte black jars once your Luminary Candle has finished. Simply stop use when 1/4 of an inch remains and clean out the jar. It is not recommended to place anything hot inside of the jar as its structure may be compromised after burning your Luminary Candle for 30 hours. You can though reuse your jars around the house to store your makeup brushes, q-tips, cotton pads, toothbrushes, flowers, stationary or lip sticks.. the list goes on!

How to remove the left over soy wax: 

Soy Wax is soft so removing left over wax with paper towel shouldn’t be difficult. Where possible gently pick up the excess wax and try not to scratch at the jar. The best time to clean your jar out, is after your last light. Please make sure your candle is not lit and the wax isn't hot - you will burn yourself.

Do not wash any coloured jars in any automated washing system, with any detergents or chemicals, or by submerging in water of any kind. If glasses are to be washed, we recommend testing the washing method to ensure no damage will occur in the process. 

Luminary Candles takes no responsibility for any damage caused in the process of removing the remaining wax, washing or cleaning jars. 
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